Product managers are responsible for building products that customers love while meeting the business’s needs. There is a lot of information available on product management techniques to be successful, which include:

  • market & customer research
  • formulating hypotheses
  • prototyping
  • validating hypotheses and prototypes
  • eventually building the product if product-market fit was found
  • getting the product to market

However, there’s little to no information on differences when building On-Premise vs. SaaS (aka Cloud) products.

The biggest difference between On-Premise vs. SaaS (aka Cloud) products is its distribution model. On-premise product management involves installing and running software on an organization’s or client’s premises…

The majority of software products can be split into two main categories, B2C and B2B. B2B products are focused on selling their software to other businesses (e.g., Google GSuite for business productivity tools, Slack for business communications, etc.). And B2C products are built for the consumers, who typically are the end-users of this product (e.g., Facebook, MyFitnessPal, Uber, etc.).

Product managers are generally familiar with this difference between B2C and B2B products but do not always know how it affects the product roadmap planning approach. …

Elena Leonova

I'm an experienced Product Manager, eCommerce expert, ex #Magento, now #BigCommerce. Trail Runner. Traveler. Follow me on Twitter today (LINK BELOW)!

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